Mineral insulated thermocouple, type J, class 1

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Mineral insulated thermocouples are thermo wires compressed in fire resistant magnesium oxide which ensures a high pressure resistance. They are suited for the temperature range -40…+800 °C. The shock resistant construction guarantees a long life span.

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Mineral insulated thermocouple
Temperature measuring range
-40...+800 °C
Mineral insulated thermocouple type J, Fe-CuNi
DIN EN 60584, class 1
probe length
200 mm
Probe diameter
1.5 mm
Tube material
rust and acid resistant Stainless Steel
Miniature plug type K
0.04 kg

The excellent heat transfer between sheath and thermocouple allows short response times and high measuring accuracy. The mineral insulated thermocouples are available with a diameter of 1,0 mm, 1,5 mm and 3,0 mm and with B+B miniature or standard thermocouple connectors and with high-quality FEP silicon connection cable up to 180 °C with free ends.

Application areas include :

  • Chemical plants
  • Power plants
  • Pipelines
  • Engine construction
  • Test stands


Delivery includes a black thermocouple plug, type J.

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