Temperature measuring system TLOG20 with RS485 interface

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The TLOG is an efficient measurement and indication system for a maximum of 20 temperature channels with USB interface.

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Temperature measuring system
Number of canals
Configurable, 1 to 20
Temperature measuring range
-55...+125 °C
DS18B20: ±0.5 °C (-10...+85 °C); ±2 °C (-55...-10 °C, +85...+125 °C); DS18S20: ±0.5 °C (0...+70 °C)
Application temperature
Micro controller board: -10...+55 °C
Operating voltage
9...15 V DC
Operating current
Approx. 40 mA
The required software can be downloaded for free in our download area!
0.4296 kg

DALLAS®-sensors of the DS1820 type are used as temperature probes and which can be connected up to 60 m.  Between PC and sensors a microcontroller module for the RS485 interface is plugged in. The sensors are identificated by their serial number. The "in the adapter" integrated microcontroller drives the RS485 bus, manages the serial numbers and captures the temperatures of the connected sensors cyclically. The current measuring values are displayed as ASCII string via the RS485 interface to the connected PC. The recording of the measured values happens online with the PC. With the software extensive monitoring and controlling functions are possible.

Areas of application:

  • Monitoring of cooling and storage rooms, greenhouses
  • In the food industry
  • Quality assurance
  • Temperature measurement in buildings
  • Air conditioning, heating control
  • Solar systems, meteorology

The software can be downloaded free of charge from our download area: Folder name: 0567 0003_Temperaturmesssystem TLOG 20 RS485


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