Temperature probes
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Temperature measuring range
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Temperature probes

Temperature sensors are needed in all kinds of areas to measure the temperature on different surfaces and in the air.

Outdoor sensor

The B+B outdoor sensors are ideal for temperature measurement in outdoor areas. The outdoor sensors are available with Pt100 sensor, Pt1000 sensor, NTC sensor and KTY sensor. The sensors are mainly used in building technology, heating technology, refrigeration technology, air conditioning technology, mechanical and plant engineering and for general outdoor temperature monitoring. The outdoor sensors are packed in a white plastic housing and are therefore very robust.

Bayonet probe

The bayonet sensor from B+B is also available with a Pt100 sensor. It is ideally suited for mounting in blind holes, which are mainly found in the plastics industry.

Screw-in probe

B+B screw-in probes are preferably used for temperature measurement in liquid and gaseous media. These measurements are found in heating technology, air conditioning technology, ventilation technology, mechanical engineering, plant construction, apparatus engineering, temperature monitoring of pipelines or vessels, chemical and petrochemical industry. The screw-in probes are available with various sensors, e.g. DS18S20, Pt100, Pt1000 as well as with thermocouple type K, J and N.

Penetration probe

Also available with thermocouple type K, J and N is the B+B insertion probe. It can be used both as a core temperature sensor and as an immersion sensor. The penetration sleeve is very stable due to the high quality stainless steel and therefore the probe can be used not only in industry but also in the food sector. But also chimney sweeps need modern technology to carefully clean and check the heaters and stoves.

Gas sampling probes

The B+B gas sampling probes are ideally suited for combined temperature, gas and pressure measurement. Due to the type K sheath thermocouple used, the probe measures core stream temperatures up to 800 °C. Such gas sampling probes are also used in every car/truck TÜV inspection to measure the exhaust gas value.

Cable probe

The range of B+B cable temperature probes is wide, so that everyone can find the right temperature probe for individual applications. No matter if liquid, gaseous or solid media, you will find the suitable cable sensor depending on the setup. The cable sensors are equipped with Pt100, Pt1000, KTY, DS18S20 and NTC sensors. Their fields of application are wide and range from heating technology, air conditioning, refrigeration, solar systems, heat pumps to white goods and plant engineering. The molded handles of the core temperature probes make them particularly robust and water vapor tight. They are available with Pt100 sensor, Pt1000 sensor and thermocouple type K. The handle as well as the measuring tips are available in various designs. The B+B air sensors NiCr-Ni thermocouple type K and teflon insulated are characterized by fast response time, because they have an exposed measuring tip.

Mineral-insulated thermocouples

Mineral-insulated thermocouples with B+B standard plug type K or B+B miniature plug type K allow short response time. The same applies to the sheathed thermocouples (MTE) version with the high-quality FEP silicone compensating cable. Due to their properties, the mineral-insulated thermocouples are used in chemical plants, power stations, pipelines, in engine construction and on test benches. The surface sensors are also available in different versions. As surface sensor with sensor element type K the temperature monitoring and temperature control of surfaces is guaranteed. The surface probe version with magnetic sensor type K is used for high temperature measurement of metallic surfaces. The surface sensors are used in the plastics industry (temperature control of tools), in machine and plant construction, in the packaging industry, in infrared measuring systems, in quality assurance and incoming goods inspection. Pipe contact sensors and pipe clip sensors are used for uncomplicated indirect temperature measurement of pipes. They are available with Pt100, Pt1000, NTC and KTY sensors.

Pipe clip probes

Pipe clip probes are available in a wide range of diameters to cover almost any pipe diameter. The simple clip-mounting system simplifies commissioning and saves installation and service costs.

Temperature probe with connection head

B+B temperature probes with connection head are available in numerous versions. The temperature probes with connection head BINOX are manufactured especially for food technology, as they have hardly any dirty edges and are therefore even more hygienic. The temperature sensor with connection head MA is used for heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology as well as in machine and plant construction. The robust and vibration-resistant design is characterized by its high tightness and high-quality stainless steel.

Temperature measuring strips

B+B also sells irreversible temperature measuring strips for different temperature ranges. These are suitable for numerous applications in research, industry and logistics, as they represent a cost-effective alternative to expensive measurement technology.

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