Face protection from the 3D printer with foam padding

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The face protection serve as splash protection and are manufactured in our in-house 3D printer. Foam padding ensures a comfortable fit. 20 masks can be ordered per customer.

1 pc 12,54 €
5 pcs 11,91 €
20 pcs 11,29 €
Delivery will be effected within 4-7 working days with receipt of payment.
Face protection
Production in a 3D printer can result in an uneven surface and not completely flat edges. This is unavoidable and typical of 3D printing productions. Colors may vary.
Material frame

The frame of the face protection is produced in a 3D printer and then assembled with the remaining individual parts under appropriate hygienic precautionary measures. These include the protective shield and a rubber band for attachment to the head. The frame is also padded with foam to guarantee a comfortable fit.

Wearing the face protection does not rule out a possible infection! It only serves as additional protection for the face.

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