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We listed the frequently asked questions and their answers for you.

If you do not find the right answer for your question, please send us an e-mail to or call us: +49 (0)771 8316 0.

Questions about the handling of the online-shop:

Do I have to register to order in the B+B online-shop?
Yes, plesse register.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, you can order every article in our shop separately, if you want to.

Is there a minimum quantity surcharge?

No, we do not charge a minimum quantity surcharge.

Are the prices in the B2B shop inclusive value added tax?

No, the prices in our B2B shop are net prices.

Are the prices in the B2C shop inclusive value added tax?
Yes, the prices in our B2C shop are gross prices, inclusive German value added tax, whether you are German or not. Delivery costs are not included.

Do you deliver to foreign EU countries without value added tax?

If the VAT identification number is stated correctly, this is possible.

Do you deliver to countries outside the EU?
Yes, simply send us your enquiry.

Our company does not allow ordering in an online shop. How can I order?
You can order:
per fax: +49(0)771-83 16 50
per e-mail:

I am a retailer, do I get a discount?
Please contact us to discuss your discount.

A product is required with a neutral or individual label. Is that possible?

Please contact us directly to discuss this option.

Is my shopping basket saved, so that I can have a look later?
If you are registered and logged in your data and your shopping basket will be saved. The articles will be deleted after two months.

How do you deliver?

Delivery is by DPD.

Are the packing costs are included in the delivery costs?

Yes, they are.

Is it possible to order free of delivery costs?

It is possible in Germany, if you order for more than 300 €. There is no limit for free shipping in foreign countries.

How can I see if an article is on stock?
There is a traffic light that shows you, if the article is on stock.

What terms of payment do you have?
You can pay with PayPal, Invoice (just B2B in Germany), payment in advance and credit card (VISA and MasterCard).

Do I get an order confirmation?

When you have ordered in our shop you receive an order confirmation per e-mail.

How do I know if my order has been shipped?

When we ship the articles, we send you a shipping confirmation per e-mail, including the DPD tracking code.

Questions about measurement technology

What is "temperature measurement technology"?
Temperature Measurement Technology means recording and measuring the temperature in different applications. B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH produces temperature probes, customer specific temperature probes for OEM and trade as well as thermocouple connectors.

What is "humidity measurement technology"?
This measurement technology is the recording and measuring of humidity. A lot of technical processes are depending or are influenced by humidity. In order to maintain perfect production processes it is absolutely important to record the humidity e.g. in air. The control of humidity is often made in the cooling and air-conditioning technology as well as in  building technology.

What is "pressure measurement technology"?
That means the measurement of pressure or also pressure variations. These measurement techniques will be used in liquids and gaseous areas. We offer you a wide range of products for your measurement application: Sensors,  sensor modules as well as pressure measurement systems.

Which possibilities do I have to measure pollutants in the ambient air?
There are different methods to measure the air quality.We have various products which can measure high CO² values, VOC or also a high dust pollution and thus results in a healthy indoor climate without any unhealthy airborne substances.

How does your calibration system run?
We can check and calibrate the measuring accuracy for temperature, relative humidity and pressure in our calibration laboratory. That way probes with integrated electronic evaluation can be calibrated and simple probes can be adjusted. The calibration will be effected in consideration to current scientific findings and research. Furthermore according to procedures that are also used in the Federal Institution of Physical Technology.


Questions about our products

What is a „motion detector“ and where is it used?
Our motion detectors react to temperature discrepancies in the background ( passive infrared motion detectors) or to motions towards the sensor (radar motion detector).

The PIR-Sensor is the most common motion detector type. The PIR-Sensor reacts perfectly to movement, e.g. of a person who passes the sensor. The PIR-Sensors are mainly used to switch on the lights or to initiate an alarm..


Which power supply does the brightness sensor need?
For brightness sensors you can select between DC or AC voltage.

What is a thermocouple?
A set of two junctions of two dissimilar metals used to measure temperature by means of the Peltier effect, whereby heat is liberated or absorbed by the flow of electrical current through a junction of two dissimilar metals such that an electrical potential develops between two such junctions in proportion to the difference in temperature of the junctions.
We have various thermocouple types such as:

  • Type J Fe/ CuNi
  • Type T Cu/ CuNi
  • Type R Pt13% Rh / Pt
  • Type B Pt30% Rh / Pt6% Rh
  • Type K NiCr / Ni
  • Type E NiCr / CuNi
  • Type S Pt10% Rh / Pt
  • Type N NiCrSi / NiSi

Can I bend a mineral insulated thermocouple?
Yes, please note: 5 x Ø mineral insulated thermocouple  = minimum bending radius

What response time do mineral insulated thermocouples have?
The response time depends on the diameter. The smaller the diameter the quicker the response time.

What is a resistance thermometer?
A resistance thermometer is a measurement device whose resistance varies with temperature. For precise measurements corrosion-resistant metals like platinum are used as they show almost no sign of the aging process. 

What does „Pt100“ mean?
The Pt100 sensor is a platinum temperature sensor which has a nominal resistance of 100 Ω at 0 °C (DIN EN 60751).  The temperature measurement is effected through the change of the resistance and the impact of temperature. The sensor uses the temperature reliance of the resistant of metals and other conductive materials.

What is„NTC“?

NTC stands for „Negative Temperature Coefficent“. With high temperatures the resistant of the the sensor (thermistor) declines. NTC sensors are typically used in the plastics and food industry.

Do you have resistant temperature sensors with a high long-term stability?
Our platinum sensors (Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000) have the advantage of a high long-term stability.

I cannot find the necessary sensor for the temperature probe. Do you also have further sensors?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a wide range of common sensors which can be used and built in a temperature probe.

Do you have temperature probes which can be used in liquids?

We have various cable probes, immersion probes and temperature probes for solar panels that are waterproof according to IP65 and IP67. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for special applications. We can offer you a temperature probe according to your requirements.

Can I order temperature probes with different cable lengths?

You have the opportunity to select different cable lengths.Please contact us directly if the required cable length is not a standard length. We will submit you an offer according to your requirements.

Is it possible to cut the cable of the ordered temperature probe myself?

In general it is possible to cut or lengthen the cable. Please ask us if you are not sure.

Is there a maximum cable length with a Pt100?
The length depends of the conductor quantity. The maximum cable length is between 10m to 20m with 2-, 3- or 4-conductors.

Can a pressure transducer also run without supply voltage?
No, it cannot run without supply voltage.

Does the function interfere if the supply voltage decreases slightly? 

To a certain pressure the pressure transducer shows a correct output signal. But the output signal will stop on the same value if the pressure increases continuously as the power supply will not be enough.

You have different accessories in the your shop such as tubes or turned parts. Unfortunately I am not able to find the required tube length. 

We can offer different tube lengths. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

An article in the shop has not the requested specification? What can we do?
Please contact us directly for that matter. One of our strengths lies in the manufacturing of customer specific products. We would be pleased to submit you a suitable offer.

What is infrared temperature measurement??

Subject to the temperature every solid emits a certain quantity of infrared radiation. With a temperature change of the object a changing intensity of the radiation is accompanied.
The infrared temperature thermometers determine the emitted infrared radiation of a solid and calculate on basis of the surface temperature. The advantage of these measurement type is that you can easily measure without contacting solids in difficult to access areas and moving objects.      

What does the emissivity show?
Every solid emits a thermal radiation subject to temperature.The emissivity of a solid states how much thermal radiation the solid emits compared with an ideal heat radiator. Thus the rate can lie between 0 and 100%. An ideal heat radiator – a so-called „black radiator“ – has an emissivity of 1,0 whereas a mirror has an emissivity of e.g. 0,1.

Questions about battery disposal:

Components of batteries
Batteries are produced with important resources and chemicals (lead, cadmium, zinc, lithium, mercury). These are important raw materials of our planet and should not dispose.


How to recycle batteries?
You can submit your old batteries in all public assembly centre inside your commune or everywhere you can buy batteries. Also you can send it back to us:


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