Compensating cable 2 x 0,22 mm², type K, FEP/Sil, 10 m

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Compensating cables are very important for transferring thermoelectric voltage from the thermcouple to the reference junction.

Weight: 0.098 kg
1 pc 26,42 €
5 pcs 23,78 €
10 pcs 22,46 €
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Compensating cable
Application temperature
-50...+180 °C
Test voltage wire insulation
600 V
Test voltage oversheath insulation
5000 V
Conductor material
NiCr-Ni, type KCA (IEC 60584-3)
Conductor construction
7 x 0,20 mm
Wire insulation
Wire colours
Green (+), white (-)
Stranded= 120 mm, ±15%
Oversheath material
Oversheath colour
Outer Diameter
3.80 mm ±0.20 mm
Cable length
10 m
Environmental data
RoHS 2002/95/EG compliant
0.098 kg
Due to various applications, which need reliable temperature measurement and a safe transfer of the resulting thermoelectric voltage in the mV range, our compensating cables are insulated with various materials, or the thermovoltage and cables are protected with braiding.


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