Digital temperature measurement systems
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Temperature measuring range
Product no.: SHOP 0568 0041
1.127,57 €*
Product no.: SHOP 0568 0034-03
244,55 €*
Product no.: SHOP 0568 0033-03
205,94 €*
Product no.: SHOP 0568 0034
198,02 €*
Product no.: SHOP Hytelog-RS232
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Product no.: SHOP 0568 0038-01
215,14 € 172,11 €*
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The digital temperature measurement systems of B+B Thermo-Technik are pre-calibrated, ready to use (plug&play) and designed for direct connection to PC-systems. Thanks to the open communication protocols they can also be integrated in complex measurement automation processes supported through our softwares LabView® and ProfiLab.

The quality of our targets reflects the quality of our future! As a certificated company B+B can grant top quality products.

B+B offers you an innovative and a wide range of products for several applications in the temperature, humidity and pressure measurement.

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