PC-humidity measurement system USB

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The B+B humidity and temperature probe with USB interface is an efficient measuring and recording system for relative humidity and temperature.

Weight: 0.4666 kg
1 pc 214,02 €
3 pcs 203,32 €
10 pcs 192,61 €
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Humidity measuring range
0...100% RH
Humidity accuracy
±2% RH at 23 °C
Humidity resolution
0.01% RH
Temperature measuring range
-40...+80 °C
0.01 °C
±0.3 °C (0...+40 °C)
Tube length
100 mm
Tube diameter
12 mm
Tube material
rust and acid resistant Stainless Steel
Protective filter
PE-sintered filter 25 µm, Ø 12 x 30 mm
Cable length
3000 mm
Operating current
30 mA
Operating voltage
Over USB interface
USB-Interface, 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
Scope of delivery
Humidity probe in stainless steel housing, Interface-adapter with USB-connection cable and operation manual
The required software can be downloaded for free in our download area!
0.4666 kg

The scope of delivery contains an interface converter which allows direct operation at the USB-Port of PCs. As temperature sensor a precise NTC is used. Furthermore, the humidity measurement works with a long-term-stability capacitive polymer sensor. The current measured values are transmitted by the USB-interface to the connected PC. The recording and graphic representation happens with the PC. The USB driver software emulates a serial COM-interface. The ASCII protocol of data communication is documented and allows integration into own programmes. The measuring probe is delivered calibrated. As accessories, reference cells are available. Therefore the accuracy of the probe can be checked by the user. A recalibration is also possible.

Typical areas of application:

  • Monitoring of warehouses, greenhouses,
  • Food industry,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Humidity and temperature measurement in buildings,
  • Air conditioning, meteorology,
  • Humidity measuring systems for customer specific projects.



The software can be downloaded free of charge from our download area : Folder name: Recorder

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